Friday, August 26, 2005

You can sure tell...'s starting.

It's a mostly quiet week in the edu-blogosphere. All the teachers headed back to class, coming home too tired to focus, much less blog.

As you may be able to tell, my daily routine is to read the paper, then check the blogs on my roll to see what else is up. This week it hasn't been much. That's not all bad, of course, as it frees up time to browse through other edu-bloggers rolls too, and find places I'd never been before, or had forgotten about.

And of course, now I'm going to contribute to the silence....

Alpha and Beta have friends coming in later today to join them in camping here at the lake for the final weekend. I like those kinds of events, because Alpha sometimes lets me have a sip of his beer, and we get to go out on the lake in the boat more often than when it's just the two of them. Anyway, I won't be around much this weekend, and Monday, we're packing this little house up and hooking it to the car to start the trip home.

First stop will be at their daughter's in Nebraska. Her dial-up connection is even slower than the one here, so even though we'll be there a couple days, I probably won't even bother. I'll just go out back and play with Maggie, the bulldog pup.

Then it's off to Texas, to the new house Alpha and Beta bought. They still haven't set up any kind of connection there, so until they do, I'm out of luck. But it's going to be a cable connection, according to Alpha. But then he'll hog the connection to play that stoopid game he plays....

Anyway, it'll probably be ten days or so before I get back to anything resembling stable on-line time again. Be good to yourselves, my friends. Read widely, think deeply, and teach well. And if you come across an extra kibble or two, well...

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since you were kind enough to leave a comment at my blog, I thought I would return the favor. You, too, "get it."


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