Saturday, September 22, 2007

Think I've got it

That didn't seem horribly difficult, and I think I have it working the way I want it to: the curious among you can see how we spent July and August.

The siding is cement composition board. The windows are vinyl. The trim is composite. The roof is steel. We were after low-maintenance on this one, for very good reason.

This is a recreational structure, not a year-'round dwelling (for us. It certainly could be for someone else if he/she wanted to make it so). But we've lived pretty-much year-round in recreational areas before, and felt bad for those who came on weekends or for a couple weeks in the summer, and spent all their relaxation time catching up with what the weather had done in their absence. We've watched people buy a place, spend a couple years of weekends pulling maintenance, then selling. We don't want to do that here.

We're comfortable with the fact that there will be dust to get rid of when we get back each year, but none of us wants to paint or stain or repair much of anything, and the exterior is one place we can minimize it. Plus, it's pretty much squirrel- and woodpecker-proof. I'd much rather chase squirrels up one of those oaks than around the living room.

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