Saturday, May 17, 2008

Busy season

I have a hard time digesting that I haven't posted in six weeks or better; it doesn't seem like more than a couple weeks, at best (or worst). I guess the time has come to admit that I suffer from epistolary laziness.

In defense of that laziness, though, I'll admit to letting squirrels distract me: the momma squirrel who intruded on my yard all last fall gave birth this spring to four kits, and I've spent much of the time that I might have devoted to blogging to instead training them to not fall off the fence when they run along it. Next step? Train them to leave the yard rapidly. Fence, overhanging trees, the route matters not. Just bail when I approach. I don't look forward to the amount of barking (and subsequent hoarseness) that will entail. But I teach, and their success rewards me (no extra bones in my bowl necessary).

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