Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wish they could share the rain

Coach Brown shared last night his story of thunderstorms and final exams on the rain-soaked West Coast. Some of his earlier posts detail his already-saturated adventures with a partially-flooded house and yard. There's no doubt that too much is too much, regardless of where it falls.

That said, we could sure use some here in central Texas, and from what I understand via Monica and Brian (sorry, I can't figure out a way to link directly to Brian's January 1 post, but it should be down toward the bottom of the linked page), it's even worse up toward them.

I've been working on a hole out in the middle of one of Beta's flower beds. Yes, my efforts have to be surreptitious, which is difficult, as they seldom leave me untended out in the yard, but I've been working on it when the squirrel isn't around to bark at. Now the ground is getting so hard and dry that chunks of dirt no longer fly as I dig. All I get is a cloud of dust, which is not nearly as satisfying. And all we get is wind, with not even a hint of moisture in it.

I know Coach Brown would be willing to swap a week or two of our weather for a week or two of his, and I think I could probably get some signers on a petition to accomplish the trade, if we can figure out who to send it to.

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Blogger Monica said...

We definitely need the rain. As I took my daughter to school this morning we heard of another grassfire just outside of town on US 82 with firetrucks everywhere.

Bring on the rain.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Janet said...

The weather in NJ has been wacky. It was 60 this time last week, only to snow a day later. Then it all got washed away by warmish, torrential rain. Then it was just plain windy.

Gotta hand it to the weather. At least it's an equal opportunity employer.

8:44 PM  
Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Send some of that rain toward Oklahoma, and I'll help you with the incantations....

11:59 PM  

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