Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'll be damned if I know

where this thought came from. But here it is:

Given the spate of news about the NSA skirting, under Presidential mandate, the edges of the law and the Constitution to obtain and diseminate information, how many justifiably proud members of the NRA are concerned about the fact that their bumper stickers and hats let the Feds know they own weapons?

A caveat is due: I don't belong to the NRA, in part because most banks won't accept my signature to open an account (which makes it hard to pay dues), in part because it's pretty much impossible to pull a trigger with a dew-claw, so I see more advantage in owning teeth than in owning guns.

Just another of those follow-the-scent-the-wind-brings-you thoughts, I guess.

Keep your nose active. I gotta see where that damned cat went.

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