Sunday, December 28, 2008

Beer kills keyboards

Kinda like rock-paper-scissors, only different.

In other news, Lenny's Bar and Grill and Swap Meet is still alive and well and just down the road.

We swung in the other day for what was either a late second lunch or an early first dinner. A cheeseburger, at any rate, because we were passing by and it's the best cheeseburger in the county. And the beer's cold (and for dogs, it's served in stainless steel bowls right inside the door).

At that time of day, Wendy was working the front while Lenny worked the grill. I seriously wish it were the other way around, so that having Wendy shill the burgers didn't seem so trite. But it was what it was. And it's always that way mid-afternoon in the middle of the week. Oh, well. At least this Wendy doesn't wear pigtails, and Lenny doesn't make the burgers thin and square: they're round and thick and juicy: worthy of mayonnaise. Like I said - the best burgers in the county.

So we ate our burgers and swiped our curly fries through the beefy-mayonnaisey residues, and we drank our beer, and an hour later we were ready to take our leave.

We wished Wendy a good day. She looked at her watch and said, "Yep. In forty-five minutes."

I wish that hadn't happened, because it tells me that as much as we enjoy her presence behind the bar, she'd just as soon she had moved on to something else.

I'm not inclined to deny anyone further aspirations, and Wendy beyond a doubt deserves success in hers.

It also reminded me that one of the things about retirement is that we no longer have quitting time to look forward to. And we don't get tips anymore, either.

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