Sunday, August 07, 2005

Someone Has To Do It...

Polski found this in the San Diego Union Tribune:

"A high school football coach in West Linn, Oregon, has been placed on two years probation by the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, for licking the bleeding wounds of several student athletes.
This teacher, Scott Reed, must also attend a class regarding the risks of blood-borne pathogens. Reed must supply the OTSPC with written verification of his attendance at this class.
Three students reported Reed had "licked the blood from wounds on a track team members knee, a football players arm and a high school students hand." Reed would not say why he licked student blood from their wounds."

And he says:

"Seems to me that this behavior also should be noted to be endangering to students. The human mouth is not noted for its cleanliness and if Reed was licking open wounds of students, this could become a cause for infection.
I wonder WHY he still even has a teaching credential in Oregon? This type of behavior should not be condoned or allowed by a professional educator."

Of course, I say, "If they're too stoopid to lick their own wounds...."

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Blogger Polski3 said...

Funny retort! :-) When I was in high school sports, blood was considered a badge of honor to be displayed for as long as possible....that is of course, the smaller cuts, the skinned knees, elbows, the gouge on the cheek from the pissed off/embarassed offensive guard that you twice ran over and knocked him on his ass on the way to his QB......

1:46 PM  
Blogger Amerloc said...


Thanx for droppin by. Was just outside playing chase with Alpha - he can't catch anything on four legs. I can at least catch an occasional squirrel or chipmunk....

8:17 PM  

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