Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Between a rock and a hard place..

and I've put my own chocolate behind there. I've been poppin' off on so many other blogs that it seems only fair to give everyone else something to read when they check the link to see what sort of fool is spouting nonsense in their house.

Just for the record, this ain't it. Meaning that this ain't the "something to read." If you're just linking to my comments on your blog, and want to know who this dog is, I really suggest doubling back to my initial post . I just really got irritated one day and started barking. I was serious, it was serious. Then I got really into the ego-feed of blogging and having responses. I really liked having my ears scratched like 18, 20 times a day.

But now, all these months later (and y'all, please understand that dog-time isn't the same as human-time) I'm more interested in those mornings on the patio with Alpha and his coffee, and with Ankle-Biter sniffing random spots on the concrete.

And I enjoy the daily races back-and-forth with Sweetness on the other side of the fence, both of us barking at the wind and the shadow that is the other. And that damned cat that strolls so high-and-mighty-leisurely just the other side of the fence is about all I get stirred up about anymore. Well, that and the squirrel. I have to quit putting marks on the tree that let him know my reach. Gotta learn patience. Patience. Make him a patient...

Alpha? He gets all stirred up about things like paying for the same road twice . I have a hard time getting excited about asphalt. If you wanna know what I get excited about, check my Good News link. And my Shopping link.

And yes. Thanks for dropping by. Like most dogs, ( except those in Thorndale ),I like company.

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Blogger Whinger said...

My sweet pup spends her days with a squirrel couple. They do vex her quite a bit, so she completely sympathizes.

4:34 PM  
Blogger EdWonk said...

All of us like to be scratched behind our ears! :-)

12:39 AM  
Blogger a fish on a bycicle said...

I've got my two-legs reasonably well trained now, which leaves me with plenty of time to order the idiot Spaniel around.

We're planning to ambush the urban foxes one night soon....

5:40 AM  

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