Monday, October 03, 2005

You've got HotMail..

Once a week or so, a blog refuses a comment from me because I use my Hotmail address. I get a message that reads something about "questionable content: hotmail," and have to resort to subterfuge to post whatever brilliance I've decided to share.

I do understand, at least sort of. I mean, if I can get a Hotmail address, so could less scrupulous dogs. Dogs, for instance, that wanted to post links to their favorite doggy style sites, or just spam rude crap to choke off rational discussion.

But here's my situation: Alpha and Beta have changed ISPs four times in the last six months. As far as I know, they still have addies that work. They had an at-direcway address or two. They have two or three addies that may or may not work. And then they have their old, tried-and-true original e-mail address that they've had forever (at least since the week that Al Gore invented the internet). I prefer not to use that one, because most of the time that's full of family correspondence and Beta's shopping, and why in the world would I want to clutter that up? So I went out and got myself a hotmail accout. It's portable, it's easy to access from wherever I might have traveled with them, it's just convenient. So that's what I use, and that's where people can get ahold of me.

Today it was Kimberly over at Number 2 Pencil whose blog's comment filter reacted to my hotmail address. So, resourceful critter that I am, I used one of those maybe-it-works, maybe-it-doesn't addresses and posted anyway (actually, I know it's a legitimate address).

That creates a problem though, because if for some reason she decides to e-mail me to congratulate me on my insight, I'll never know. I don't check that account, Alpha doesn't check it, Beta doesn't check it. Not even ankle-biting Omega checks it.

I guess all that's just a long way of saying that I wish people would use content filters rather than address filters. Not every dog with a hotmail address is a bad dog. Now, I have to go check on that squirrel whose been bothering the leaves in the pecan tree...

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Blogger Mike in Texas said...

I wouldn't expect any kind of answer from Kimberly. I emailed her a question about testing once and she totally ignored it. Of course, it may have something to do with the fact that I disagree with just about everything she says and have told her so on occasion.

9:10 PM  
Blogger Mixie Pixie said...

Hmm... If I remember right, Hotmail is targeted because in the past they haven't doen't much of anything about spammers. I'm not sure that's the case anymore, but it used to me. Why not get Gmail? Unlimited space, free, easy interface. I have plenty of invites. I can hook you up.

By the way, this is Dana from I have a totally different Blogger nickname.

7:37 PM  
Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

I know, because I use hotmail too, in order to keep my job.

8:53 PM  

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