Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hereby resolved

Alpha used to have a blog, back in the days before I came in to the family at his and Beta's most gracious invitation.

They don't always understand or play by dog-rules/pack-rules, but they're overall really good humans, and I truly feel best when we're all together: Alpha, Beta, Ankle-Biter and I, sprawled watching the talking box, or eye-balling the back yard, or roaming down the road on the way to somewhere. It's the kind of pack thing that I believe y'all refer to as "family." Same difference.

Anyway, I've been bogarting the blogging, and Alpha kinda misses having a voice (other than the one he uses for reminding me that people have a right to walk in peace (if they don't have a dog with them) or that the neighbors might not be anywhere near as upset about that squirrel on the phone-wire as I am). He says, "Part of me wants more voice than you give me."

He's never said he wants me to shut up - he's mostly enjoyed reading what I write, but I think he wants his turn at the keyboard sometimes, too.

So I resolve to be more generous. We'll still roll out at the same time in the morning, and see what's going on in the world together. There's something special about that first cuppa in the morning.

And I resolve to be more discriminating. I'll leave more of the human-interest stuff for him, and focus myself more on the dog stuff. Good news and bad. But I reserve the right to draw parallels between the worlds when I see them. Seems only fair.

And I resolve to post more pics.

And of course, like all y'all, I reserve the right to lose track of my resolutions as time goes by :-p

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