Saturday, December 31, 2005

So he finally called my bluff

But he's right. Sometimes I'd like to do something besides watch over his shoulder as he writes. A person can only do that so long, before he gets impatient (ever watch a dog type????).

And yes. I had a blog going for a bit, but it didn't quite feel right, so I dropped it. Just let it die after eight or ten months.

And then Amerloc fired this screed up, and initially said some things that I was glad to see said. By a dog. By a squirrel. By anything with a brain.

But lately he's been focusing on a world that he finds, quite honestly, more pleasant than the world I read about. I'm not about to deprive him of his right to observe his world as he sees it. This is, after all, a wonderful world, and someone needs to remember that and report it.

And I'm reluctant to impose my view on his blog - I don't want to be anything more than an occassional presence here, at worst. At best, I'd like to set this wonderful guy free.

So I'll make a resolution too: I resolve to take a week or so to sort out whether I want to dredge up the old blog or just start a new one. I'll think about whether I want it to be balanced and thoughtful or knee-jerk reactionary. My dad refused to talk about some issues "because that makes me mad," and I think that suppression is part of what took him younger than I want to be when I cross the bridge to the ancestors, so maybe I'll just come out of the closet all fire-and-brimstone and save myself from a sixth-decade heart attack, or maybe I'll ease into something more subtle. It's going to be an interesting week.

Of course, since my retirement, there's always tomorrow. So "a week or so" may well take "a month or more" (and notice that that's in quotes too).


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