Friday, June 02, 2006

Some things never change

I got up this morning to resume my search for the end of the internet, and found myself facing the realization that I may actually never get there: 51 new posts to read in my Bloglines account, and it reminded me of the years I spent teaching dogs - no matter how much you accomplish, someone inevitably creates more to do.

My last teaching gig was in Indian Springs. We'd found a room down the road a bit from the Wiccan Temple, and spent eight or nine hours a day educating the local dogs to better understand the expectations of their humans. We'd explain "sit," and "stay." We'd instill the differences between indoors and out. We talked at some length about the fact that some humans thought putting costumes on their dogs was a good thing, and how it could be born with dignity, even with feigned enthusiasm, if we chose. The usual stuff. The things the community expected us to teach. You know - the stuff that was on the test.

Anyway, as I dismissed my class after a lengthy discussion of "To Bark, or Not to Bark," I heard one student grumble to the other on the way out the door.

"When are they going to teach us things we can use in the real world?!?!"

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