Sunday, May 07, 2006

What do you expect for free?

I know, I know. It's free. Just copy the Portugese, paste it into the translator, and get English. Only it's not, really. It's Englese, or Portugish, or something.

Lately, I have repaired a vivid and increasing interest for all the people, to support its reasonings, opinions and decisions, in quantitative information. As for me, this constatação is a highly national positive symptom, demonstrating to an unequivocal predisposition for the change and perfectioning of attitudes.

As we have lived in the country of..."I find that".., decurrent justification is formidable to evidence our proper cultural metamorphosis - when generalizing itself it objetive, ... "porque"...

I am to look for to follow of very close this salutar trend, as they will be able to verify in this and next posts e, later if understanding, until opposing.
It by the way comes this of the fact to seeto hear to say of options strategical politics to obviar indicating numerical, but of nor always them the corresponding meanings to survey - exactly in official documents - that they integrate scripts of reference for the execution of measures, case of the technological Plan.

Thus, the Technological Plan if does not withhold in explicativas considerações on what if it can wait of the efforts of the country, direccionados for the promotion and valuation of the innovation and the empreendedorismo, that it is assumed will be followed, but as we will see in such a way nor.

But, as the term innovation is recurrent in all the document, e if induces, in this tónica, strong expectations - because it is mentioned as an infallible esteio of the technological development, described as strategical - I decided to materialize, for my expense, the meaning of the "instruments of measure" of the innovation.

I distribute here, with the eventual interested parties, some of my reflections, on pointers of the Technological Plan, e what me it occurs on ours politics:
The innovation is a complex fenómeno - nor always exclusively attributed only the human beings - that for its evaluation it demands a multidimensional appreciation - of form to allow to formulate trends for the answers of the power politician, duly guided for the question that if wants to see clarificada.

Even with a basic understanding of Romance-language grammar, I'm burning up brain cells forcing this to make sense.

I think I'll go chase the squirrel. Or bark at the dog next door. Those are free, too.

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Blogger rgmb said...

No mas!!!!

That was painful.

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Blogger Margaret said...

Oui, j'ai aide une amie avec une traduction. Au lieu d'ecrire, "L'addition, s'il vous plait"(au restaurant), elle a trouve "le bec" dans un dictionnaire("bill" mais d'un oiseau). Donc, elle allait demander, "le bec, s'il vous plait." RIRE

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