Monday, December 11, 2006

I knew the eye was quicker than the hand

Made it to Lenny's last night for a curl-up inside the door and a bowl of draft. I think humans miss part of the beer experience when they eschew the sweet sound of a bowl sliding around on the floor. Doesn't really matter if the bowl is plastic or stainless, as long as it's not rubber, it slides. There's an element of the chase in the sound. Sweet, I say.

But when Lenny rang up the beers, his fingers purely danced, and I didn't think about that particular magic until just now, when I read this piece over at The Agonist.

Most of the time, I skim through that site like a chased squirrel up a live oak, but I had to drop back to hunker-speed to read about the gal Ian wrote of: she knew the inventory and pricing so well she didn't need that glass-pad-with-the-red-lightlines that you see at Walmart and Tru-Value and HEB and so many other places anymore (including the place where Alpha buys my Kibbles).

I think it's too easy anymore to get so caught up in the magic of the technology, the magic of cutting costs, that we forget the magic of the dance, and we forget that the dance saves us even more.

And somehow, I think all this ties back into my post yesterday about infrastructure...

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