Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My kennel gate got rattled

I've been away at the doggie hotel for a bit while Alpha and Beta shipped out on a cruise. They're back, well-fed and rested, and trying to find someone to fix Beta's broken vertebrae (long story, unrelated to the cruise, but she's been on pain meds for a while), and I'm trying to get caught up on my regular reads.

It turns out that back toward the beginning of the month,
ElementaryHistoryTeacher mentioned in this meme that she stops by here regularly.

Now there's a coincidence. I stop by her place too, far more often than I come by this particular slice of the intertubes. She always has interesting new material - I don't. If you're I'm lucky, I find an amusing story to recycle...

Jim and Jerri, the nice folks who run the doggie hotel, raise Newfoundland hounds - great big lumbering, friendly beasts who would as soon drown you in slobber as anything else. It's a nice place, tucked away on a dead-end road out in the country. One of their neighbors raise horses, and the next neighbor over raises sheep. It's not related to this episode, but sheep are seriously stoopid. Seriously. Stoopid.

Anyway, the folks that have the sheep recently invested in a Sheltie to help move them from pasture to pasture, and as Jim and Jerri were visiting over the fence with the neighbor couple, the neighbor sent the Sheltie to count his most-recently purchased flock. It didn't take but a couple minutes before the Sheltie came back to report that there were 30.

The neighbor expressed his surprise, having only purchased 28 new sheep.

"I know," said the Sheltie. "I rounded them up."

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