Friday, January 23, 2009

I thinks slow... y'all gotta be patient with me.

Well, no, you ain't gotta, but it'd be appreciated, if you'd be so kind.

After this evening's trip out to Lenny's Bar and Grill and Swapmeet*, having come home with a belly full of Lenny's finest and wanting nothing more than to curl up with a heavy thought or two, I got to browsing around Al Gore's fine invention (the internet, not global warming), and came across a story that sorta-kinda-mighta-maybe-coulda tied in to what I wrote last night about that fancy four-legged commode. Don't click through if you can't handle a couple pages of MSNBC meringue (more air than egg - but that's the MSM anymore).

Anyway, they prat on a bit about how the general public wants more bang for their buck from the top executives of financial institutions today than they did when CEO's got gajillion-dolla bonuses.

To that I can only say, "Thank goodness for a couple onion rings and a bowl of tap beer, or I'd get upset."

'Cause seriously? School teachers across the nation have known for a number of years that folks are demanding more bang for their buck.

I have a proposal: let the CEO's read the teacher blogs, the parent blogs, the home-school blogs, the grand-parent blogs. Therein lies the pulse of the country, and therein lies the handwriting on the walls of CEO's, CFO's, and of politicians across this great squirrel-chasing paradise, and some of those folks could 'prolly save themselves some jail time. Or at least some public humiliation.

Part of what I'm thinking is that they could get themselves a three-legged commode instead of a four-legged, and plant their backsides on it in the corner.

*It occurs to me that I ought to put up a link. I'll try to do that one of these days when I'm not procrastinating so diligently.

And yes. I apologize for having been so thorough a procrastinator that there's no hole in the commode. My bad.

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