Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Has anyone noticed?

Maybe I'm the only one paying attention, but when I get into this frequent-posting mode, I get awfully preachy.

I lose track of the fun I should be having and passing along. Or maybe I just lose track of passing it along, 'cuz I'm still having all the fun.

It's like that post yesterday about the quiz - I got that score, but didn't bother to record the code (other things demanded my attention: a squirrel in the neighbor's pecan tree, and then one in our live oak, then two dogs came by outside the fence... It was a busy couple of hours). Anyway, I had to go back and take the quiz again to get the code. Could I duplicate the score? Well, yes, eventually. And it wasn't the affect/effect or the pound/kilo that got me. The quiz had a couple other questions related to average this or average that, that I had had to sort of take a ballpark on, and it took me a while to make my ballparks match up. Fenway=Fenway, and you can't confuse it with Candlestick, not even when you're second-guessing and confusing yourself.

That and it takes me a long while to get used to clicking the circle to the left of the correct answer. Maybe it's just me, maybe I've been away too long from standardized anything, but I always read left to right. Consequently, I prefer to check the dot after the response rather than the one before. I realize that's counter-intuitive for most test designers, but then most test designers don't let the answers flow as if they were a paragraph - they stack 'em. Stacked answers are cool - then I can check the dot to the left. But when it's paragraph-style? Fuggedaboudit - I have to wrestle with my brain.

I used to read Kimberly over at Number Two Pencil quite a bit, because she's a psychometrician - she's an expert on test design (if you click that link, there's a very nice picture of her getting married. She ain't posted squat since then and I don't blame her. Marriage is a fine institution. So was Folsum.

Anyway, Kimberly used to discuss testing and validity, and all that stuff, and I wonder what she'd say about paragraphing the answers rather than stacking them. Just seems kinda cheap to me.

Where was I?

Oh. Frequency = preachy.

Damn. What'd I tell ya?

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