Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today is not the day

At least, not if you were looking for the promised link.

It is, however, the day for Steamables:

I have nothing in principle against these things: nuke your veggies in the same bag they came home in from the store.

But unless you're eating 'em out of the bag, what are you actually saving? Zap your cauliflower in a bag and dump it in the bowl? or dump your cauliflower in a bowl and then zap it - either way you gotta wash the bowl.

Or have the dog lick it clean.

I just don't see what we're winning here. Sorry.

And strictly off the record, why are you eating cauliflower in the first place? Tastes like fluffier cabbage...

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Blogger HappyChyck said...

Aw! You've just ruined my love of steamables! I'm a fool. I know. It seemed like such a good idea...

12:19 AM  

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