Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Good golly, Miss Molly....

Only 44% left on the battery and so much on my mind (at least 6%...)

Tom Delay indicted in Travis County, TX. Not for the entire re-districting fiasco that resulted in a legislature that did a better job of financing telecom companies than it did of financing schools, but for conspiring to abuse campaign-finance laws (which of course resulted in said legislature and said re-districting).

Let's ignore for a moment that any system devised by man can be circumvented by man (otherwise, how would a mixed-breed dog have a blog???).

Others all over the Texas blog-world have done a better job of presenting the texts than I can with my dying battery, but I'll add this: if Delay's guilty as charged by the grand jury, it's because his lawyer(s) screwed up. I'm hoping they did, but that doesn't stop me from letting him shift the blame. Everything bad is someone else's fault, after all...

I guess it just strikes me that a collosal failure to serve is a greater crime than juggling funds. In my world, moral issues - issues of justice - are greater than legal issues. And yet we've created/allowed to evolve a system wherein what's right ain't always legal, and what's legal ain't always right.

It's a sad night here - not because Delay was indicted - because he wasn't indicted for his true crimes.

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Blogger Mike in Texas said...

Hopefully his karma will catch up to him. And Grusendorf too.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Greek Shadow said...

I really like your blog. Here via Brian's blog. Not being from Texas I'll skip my opinion about DeLay, but it made for some entertaining news comedy during redistricting when your Dems were hiding out here in Albuquerque.

9:39 PM  

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