Thursday, October 25, 2007

Home again

Should probably be uploading the new pics of the garage door, or having a bite of solid food, but it's been a little busy here.

The washing machine decided that just a few minutes ago would be a good time to yank the drain hose out of the wall. Thank goodness it's one of those front-load, doesn't-use-hardly-any-water machines. Thank goodness. But there's still four gallons of water in the wet-dry vac. On the bright side, all that lint that collects on the floor around the dryer is gone now, sucked into the murky, sloppy entrails of the vacuum.

A word of advice: if you have a mini-fridge that you use as a beer cooler? Don't leave the top shelf full when you take off for a week. I'm not saying it'll freeze solid and explode beer foam all over the inside of the fridge, but it comes close: the cans wait till you open them to display their frigid glory. In your lap. On the table. On the floor. Just don't. Move the beer down a shelf. Just sayin'...

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