Saturday, February 07, 2009

The end of the Nigerian scams

Just got a message over at the social site, and I'm not at all sure what to make of it; I thought Tom took care of all the weirdos:

Not bad at all! Can you please tell me more about you sweetie? Well okay, to be fair, I should tell you more about me. This is not my profile, I'm borrowing this from my roommate. Not a member of this site ;-) I'm very cute, I have a few of tattoos, and I have long hair, a beaming smile and legs to die for! I have a great personality too! I'm open-minded and have a sunny disposition. I also enjoy watching tv, clips on youtube, playing pool and listening to music. I really like chilling out with friends. Why don..t you give me a shout? Just don..t reply directly to my message. Use my email instead at j_jenny_patch@yahoo.


I'm tempted to set up a one-time-use yahoo account and let it be known that this sounds like a punctuation-impaired cocker spaniel until you get to the playing pool part, where it sounds more like a great Dane.

I got a better idea: I'll call 876-5309 and talk to Jenny.

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