Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Alpha got carded

Alpha's been working on this project in the backyard:

The bottom, triangular part will be a rose garden. The "well" will be garden as well, once it's entirely complete, but no exact decision has been reached as to the contents of that smaller, elevated patch. It's really only there to hold the tipped jug, which will pour water into the lower container once all the details get taken care of. I think it will make a superior drinking fountain.

One of the things he still needs to do is secure the top courses of limestone. He's leaving the rest of it dry-stacked, but if he ties the top courses together, the rest should hold just fine.

So the other day, we headed over to Home Depot to get a pump and some tubing, some electrical parts, some clear silicone caulk, and some construction adhesive. We were standing talking, he scratching my ear, while the clerk ran everything through the scanner, when suddenly she said to Alpha, "What's your birthdate, please?"

Please understand that Alpha has reached the point where he doesn't even have to show ID to get the AARP discount, much less to buy our beer or the occassional bottle of something stronger, so the look on his face as he turned to the clerk was priceless.

"Are you serious?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied, holding the tube of PL400 in her hand. Her computer had asked her for the customer's date of birth as soon as she scanned that glue.

Apparently, kids aren't supposed to buy that stuff any more than they're supposed to buy spray paint. It's like beer: kids have to hang around outside the store waiting for an adult who doesn't care what they do to come by willing to buy for them at extortionist's prices. But who in the world would sniff that stuff?

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Blogger Chickadee said...

Hi. Found you via Audience of One.

The rose garden looks beautiful. I hope you post pictures again once your flowers are in bloom!

I haven't heard of people getting carded for buying glue. They'll be selling that behind the counters too before long.

I hope your hubby was flattered that he was carded!

10:35 AM  

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