Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shared room at the Doggie Hotel

Ankle-Biter is a supreme annoyance.

Alpha and the grandson dropped us off here this afternoon, and A-B is trying to do exactly as his name suggests. He's distressed. I understand. I am, too. Being away from OUR humans is stressful, even if the humans we stay with are nice.

Near as I can tell, Alpha and Beta will be back about this time next week, with stories to tell about other members of the family and their achievements. I have a laptop here at the doggie-hotel, so will try to put up something entertaining later in the week.

If A-B doesn't destroy my ability to type...

Français/French Deutsch/German Italiano/Italian Português/Portuguese Español/Spanish 日本語/Japanese 한국어/Korean 中文(简体)/Chinese Simplified Tagalog/Filipino


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