Thursday, February 12, 2009

I can't read!

I thought about the peanut/salmonella fiasco a moment ago, which reminded me that I have some Girl Scout cookies in the freezer: the peanut-butter sandwich ones. And I'm starting to get hungry. Not famished, just I-need-a-little-something-to-take-the-edge-off. Not time for a Lenny's Bar and Grill and Swapmeet run; just a snack.

So I thought, "I need a photo of those cookies." And I don't take pics, I Google 'em. So I Googled "peanut butter sandwich cookies" and found this:

What a deal.

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Blogger Jason said...

Like your ramblings. Stumbled across your site from Learn Me Good. Can I subscribe to it? Read my blog. I am in North Louisiana near Shreveport, just for referance, near Arkansas.

I will try to stop by every so often. Where's the "older posts" button? Word Verification: sphsboo

Whats bacon got to do with it(peanut butter)?Imagine "Whats bacon got to do with it" sang in Tina Turner form.

You should put up a link. :)

Great profile quote.

10:19 PM  

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