Sunday, March 26, 2006

Photo Recognition

I finally caved in to the pressure and headed over to My Heritage to try out their face-recognition software.

In what should be no surprise to anyone, I used the photo right up there in the top corner.

But now I'm wondering. If F. Murray Abraham does it, will he get a report of a 72% resemblance to ME? Would Edsger Dijkstra get a 60%? What would Joseph Deiss get?

In Abraham's case, I see a certain resemblance: if nothing else, he has my eyes (at least in this still from Adameus).But really. What a small nose you have! And what small teeth.

I can't see much, if anything, in Dijkstra's case (computer geeks might be able to elaborate on his contributions):

Maybe the hair on his chin?

Joseph Deiss is the Swiss Minister of Economic Affairs, so, in an age when it's appropriate to keep track of our bones and not spend them foolishly, I guess I'm honored by that comparison. But look at the pic:

Again, I just don't see much resemblance.

Actually, other than that they're all obviously humans, I don't see much resemblance among them, much less between them and me.

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Blogger Janet said...

You bring up an interesting point. It would be really interesting to see what a famous person gets. Are they as surprised as we are?:)

6:56 PM  
Blogger Whinger said...

And what is the level of famous to determine if they belong on that thing?


12:25 PM  

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