Tuesday, April 04, 2006


The other dog? Ankle-Biter? Whom I mention occasionally?

It seems that the disease* that took the vision in his left eye has finally caught up to his right eye. He's gotten truly tentative about going anywhere, and almost never leaves the patio (when he's outside) or the living room (when he's inside).

I have mixed feelings about that. It's not as if the little old man was ever much fun. Even when I first joined the family as a pup he wasn't much interested in any of the chasing or wrestling. The most fun I ever had with him was just sniffing around looking for snacks. But now he spends most of the day between the chair and the table in the living room, just lying there on the floor well out of the traffic pattern. It's sad. He doesn't even snap at me anymore.

But on the other hand, his blindness is why I'm here in the first place. The vet told A & B that with this particular disease, the best thing they could do for him was get him a seeing-eye dog. That's me.

And so even if I'm sad to see A-B lose his vision, I'm damned glad to be here.

*Progressive Retinal Degeneration. The vets thought it would move much faster than it has.

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